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Titles :

  • City Wildspace

    Hardcover – 240 pp

    Hilary Shipman Ltd; ISBN: 0948096063
    Paperback – 240 pp
    Hilary Shipman Ltd; ISBN: 0948096071

    City Wildspace provides the first detailed guide to nature sites in urban areas of England, Scotland and Wales. It examines wildlife initiatives in Britain’s cities and charts the growth of urban wildlife groups the national environmental movement. It looks at the confused – and often conflicting – policies of landscape architects, voluntary organisations and local and national government.

    Pivotal” New Scientist.

    The Green Guide to Urban Wildlife

    Paperback – 366 pp (22nd February, 1990)

    A & C Black; ISBN: 0713631376

    With growing public awareness of city green spaces, and the development of groups to create, manage and protect them, this is a guide to locations, listing 102 cities, conurbations and London boroughs. Each entry describes sites and their locations, their history, nature interest and management together with details on access, interpretive sources and where to seek further information. A locations map accompanies each main entry. Bob Smyth is a  former chairman of the London Wildlife Trust and aCouncil member for the Royal Society for Nature Conservation.

    Forest People and Places

     These vivid portraits of the people and places of the Forest create an unforgettable impression of life past and present. Profiles of 'notables' are balanced by encounters with ordinary people who work on the land or within the community. Illustrated with photographs by Steve Cassidy.

    Paperback - 128 pp (1998)
    Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750919337

    The Blackbrook Valley Project

    Paperback – 36 pp (1990)

    Nature Conservancy Council; ISBN: 0861396626

    Other Publications

    Guide to UK Technology (COI, 1980)

    Macmillan Guide to Britain’s Nature Reserves (1984, 1986) contributor, Greater London section

    AA London Guide (1987) contributor, Green London



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